About the jukebox.

The material in this jukebox has been released under the Creative Commons license and is free to dowload from ccMixter.

All tracks are internet based collaborations and often involve multiple artists. I've tried to reflect this in the track information but if I've missed out anyone who'd like to be acknowledged please let me know.

You can find my own contribution to the site at:


1. Hard Moon.  Everything works in this track by Pitx. Great use of samples from the Freesound Project.

2. Our Slanted Voices.   DoKashiteru riffing stylishly around a line from a spoken word poem by Colin Mutchler.

3. One Day/One Way.  Excellent song and singing from Fivestar. Clever and successful backing from Briareus.

4. Ice and Chilli.   Sampled instrumental by Ghost. Superbly crafted from a jumble of sources.

5. Infidelity (Broken mix).  A Suzi Q Smith remix by Suzi herself. Source music courtesy of Yurigara.

6. Test Drive. Theme tune for the best spy movie never made. Pitx reimagined by Zapac.

7. Surprise Me.  Old school vocal skills meet new school production skills. The combined forces of Mykle Anthony and Alex Beroza.

8. Fexting. A composite of three versions, one by Imaginario and others by Mana Junkie and Gouloufiana. Each is built around the witty vocal of Mind Map That!

9. Acoustic Surf Music. Several mixters have made use of this upload from Panu but here it is in all its original glory.

10. Simple Things. Winningly direct song and singing by Liza Boylan. Beguiling backing and mixing by Zep Hurme.

11. I Think I Started a Trend. The signature slacker/stoner vocals of Brad Sucks are given an exceptionally good home by William Berry.

12. The Crash, The Rumble. Sensitive handling by Colab of a brilliant rap by Ms.Vybe.