A few more from the archives...

Green Girl

green girl
girl in army green

humble, nervous

always moving quickly

even when you're arriving

green zigzag
across my eye-line

green ripple
on my blue horizon

humble, nervous

always moving quickly


The Moment

When I saw you not knowing what to do with your legs
not knowing whether to cross them
not knowing how to sit like a lady
that was the moment

When I saw you as I passed the window
When I saw you were uneasy in someone else's chair
When I saw you on the phone in the blind man's office
that was also the moment

She Left Early

My image of her is a tender thought
A cool pool under a hot rock
A rain cloud drifting over undulating sand
A long stemmed flower of hope
A thread of water in a tundra

A bud bursting out of summer dust
A green shoot on a red planet
A desert vision rippling in the heat
A flash of healing
A whisper over the din of static.

A vine growing through my heart
A tone poem made flesh
A stained glass moment
A scrap of dazzle
A glimmer of garden
A sign that says GO NO FURTHER

Picture Book Clock
The town clock is a picture book clock
but every second I'm not with you
has it's own lethal tick

Shatter My Shadow

Your goodness
is a burning white moon
Your goodness
is a white light burning my mind

Your goodness
deals death to my silhouette
and shatters my shadow
with gentle bullets

I lie face down
in a pool of dreams
by your goodness


Ode to You

A pang
as you flit like a leaf on my retina

A shiver
as you slip like a cat through the institute

A blaze
as you leave your burning footprints


Your Answer
If Yes
life's crumbs
bloom in to loaves

If No
the crumbs
are iron filings

If Yes
the day runs to meet me
and I run to meet the day

If No
the day walks with sticks
and I walk with callipers


Give me something
A word
A nod
A straw
A shred
A fibre
An iota
A scintilla
A particle

Give me something of yours
It doesn't matter what
It doesn't matter how little
Give me something

On Your Borders

Living on your borders
is not really living

It's not really living
to be living on the borders of your borders

on the margins of your margins
on the sidelines of your sidelines

on the periphery of your periphery
on the fringes of your fringes

on the farthest point of your farthest point
on the outermost edge of your outermost edge

It's not really living
but it's better than nothing

which is what I will have
when I have to leave

Flat 3

I come home to an unmade bed and drawn curtains
I strip the bed and lie on the discoloured mattress
I put my arms around myself
I put my hands on my shoulders

I pretend my arms are your arms
I pretend my hands are your hands
I pretend you could want me
I pretend this is something that could happen

Eventually I get up
Eventually I make the bed
Eventually I open the curtains
Eventually butter be
an soup

Dynamite Dove

Green girl
Decimation girl
Girl of the fabled city
Queen of forlorn hope
Emerald empress
The unattainable

Green girl
Anti-gravity girl
Rider of the water strider
Magic mountain girl
Dynamite dove
Flower of fir


The equinox has passed. Another summer's dying.
I weary my way through an evening of routine solitude:
TV, food, scribbled notes. I take a short but sapping walk
in pre-storm humidity, feet unwell, heartache like toothache.
Thoughts of you torment me through the sweat-box night.
This too will pass, I guess. I'll sweat you out like a fever,
go back to feeling nothing. I'll soon stop trying to square
the circle of desire with the unrequited hour